Exhumation Services

Cryptair helps individuals and families (including members of The Clergy) deal with this sensitive issue.

Cryptair offers a personal service to those seeking exhumation of human remains in the UK for re-interment within the UK, or repatriation abroad. Our trusted partners who also specialise in exhumation work with us to ensure full compliance with the legal requirements.

Exhumation law is extremely complex and Cryptair offer this comprehensive personal service. For further details please contact us.


Exhumation & Repatriation Process

Should you require this service, we will undertake the following on your behalf;

Liaise with Ministry of Justice

Apply for a licence on your behalf and complete necessary paperwork

Liaise with the relevant burial authorities and Environmental Health Officers

Provide coffins and transport

Personally supervise the exhumation and subsequent reinterment

Arrange repatriation and liaise with all authorities and air cargo agents

Provide the services of an appropriate religious official

As exhumation is a delicate topic, we prefer you to email us and discuss your individual requirements. However you can arrange for us to call you back below using our contact form. Cryptair work with trusted partners to ensure all work is completed to the very highest standards at all times.

Need more advice?

If you require more information on transporting the deceased, particularly by air, you can call us for professional and discreet advice.